razorback95.com the home of the maroon whale Kugee is OFFLINE
an emergency service has been setup on http://drevonor.com with only The first Cell DOS game and the Infsect downloads online

The whereabouts of Kugee is unknown at this time

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Retro Site List

Here's a couple of sites that can work on old browsers

Latest Retro Site on the list

What Started as a Blackberry Archive now turned into a Blackberry Revival project

The Lunar Project is a preservation effort on the WWW for BlackBerry software and services
They now host services for blackberry devices such as
A Search Engine, Weather App, News Client, And a Launcher

NEW check out useful github projects via the github links page

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Created by former YouTuber Kugee. Razorback is more than just a website. In the future it will become a infrastructure for old computers


Fun fact
This website inspired me to create this one
[Protoweb Pass-through proxy service is offline for this site until further notice]
The worlds largest repostory of retro J2ME games
A Web 1.0 search engine
http://thehal9000.com I'm Sorry Dave, I'm Afraid I Can't Do That
(uses Flash Player)
This site works on anything but Google Chrome


Are you tired of this new Internet yet? Time to Get TheOldNet!
available on Protoweb Pass-through
Frog Find
The Search Engine for Vintage Computers

Avast and AVG users be aware that they may block the site due to false response
Protoweb integrated!
Old'aVista: The most powerful guide to the OLD internet!
available on Protoweb Pass-through
Headlines from the future
(Google News Proxy)
available on Protoweb Pass-through
A site that contains some useful HTML 4 widgets like an RSS feed widget
(Uses Javascript)
Radio Locator
Radio Antenna
A useful tool to find Radio Stations in your area.
It even shows you the direct Stream link of the radio station if available so you can avoid the Bloated HTML 5 player
CloudTube It's YouTube but without the Bloat
[New optional HTTP only version at http://gutter.cadence.moe]
Comprehensive JavaScript tutorials and over 400+ free scripts
Your Servant in the Cyber World.
Its Like Bonzi Buddy but even better
(Users of Windows 7 and over will have to install Double Agent due to microsoft removing support for Agent characters)

An internet time capsule containing lots of forgotten software from the early to late 2000's
It seams it the host provider has shut it down so it was fun while it lasted



2004 to 2024
addesigner.com Ever wanted to create a 90s banner Ad?
Well addesigner.com has got you covered
(NOTE ad blocker must be turned off inorder for the site to work)
Macintosh Garden An abandonware archive, dedicated in particular to supporting the Macintosh computer platform
(Requires an XHTML 1.0 Browser. An alternative HTML 3.2 Alpha site can be found here)
vanBasco's MIDI Search A very useful MIDI search engine. It can even search for karaoke songs
andkon arcade Home of 1000+ Flash Java and Shockwave Games
This site works on anything but Google Chrome
(Link Shorter service)
Link shortening service for your vintage PC (It even works on Windows 95 and newer)
(This site is a proud member of The Old Net Webring!)
Legacy Update
a community-run resource to help you fix the Windows Update service on earlier versions of Windows
Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Windows Server 2008, 2003
ucanet - U Create a Net
an alternate-DNS-server for vintage/retro computers
!Retro Network Is listed on this Service!
Bringing Back The information Super Highway
[Main Info site requires HTTPS and modern Browser]
!!Retro Network is now on PROTOWEB!!
Click here for setup instructions
WebTv Redialed
A WebTV internet service revival project with Protoweb support
available on Protoweb Pass-through
a youtube front-end/downloader that allows pretty old systems to browse and watch youtube videos using the MPEG1 video codec

[[An ucanet Exclusive website]]
click the button below for setup instructions
ucanet - U Create a Net


The worlds Largest Collection of Interval signals, signature tunes, airchecks and identification announcements from radio stations around the world!

(its even larger than all the Shortwave content on YouTube!)

[Somehow it now FORCES HTTPS 1.3 and because of this the internal search is broken its because of google chrome and other modern browsers (SCREW HTML5 AND HTTPS)]

EiBi Shortwave Schedules

EiBi Shortwave Schedules

A personal Shortwave Listener's huge Shortwave schedule
from Wiesbaden, Germany
(Site is in German and English)
warpstream.net An retro streaming site hosting classic YouTube content that is viewable on old computers. It is created by one of the founding members of Protoweb
(content focused on years 2005-2006)
This site works on anything but Google Chrome
[[An Protoweb Exclusive website]]
Click here to connect to Protoweb
(Retro Network is proud to be part of the Protoweb passthrough service)
http://www.windowsupdaterestored.com/ Windows Update Restored is a community based project aimed at restoring the old Windows Update websites for Windows 95, NT4, 98, Me, 2000 and XP
[NOTE avast and AVG users might have to exclude this site from websheld because it is on its blacklist]
Protoweb integrated!
Channel 99 Logo
Channel 99
Channel 99 is an NSV Stream - an early form of online streaming video.

NSV was born in 2003, popular until 2006, and died in 2013... or did it?

Side note it has a 24/7 Mystery science theater 3000 stream!

[if you want to create your own NSV stream check out this site]
Lunar Project

Lunar Project

The BlackBerry Preservation Project

What Started as a Blackberry Archive now turned into a Blackberry Revival project

The Lunar Project is a preservation effort on the WWW for BlackBerry software and services

They now host services for blackberry devices such as

Search Engine

Weather App

News Client

And a Launcher

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